Suomen lautapeliseura

About us

Finnish Board Game Society (Suomen lautapeliseura in Finnish) is run by Finnish board game enthusiasts. The society aims to improve the Finnish board game culture by organizing game events and linking board game hobbyists around the country through local game clubs and our lively discussion forum.

We also have our own board game library from where our members we can borrow board games to conventions and to local clubs. We keep a close contact with Finnish board game retailers and publishers, facilitating the publishing of good board games in Finland.

The society also organizes the national championship. Winning teams or individual players will gain the opportunity to represent Finland in World Championship games in Germany.

For more information please contact us by e-mail (info (at)

How to join

All board gamers in Finland are welcome to join the society. Our membership is only 15 euros and this entitles you to significant benefits plus membership in our active community. You can join the society by filling the membership application form.

The membership fee should be paid on our bank account FI08 5711 1320 0187 47 with the reference number 1300.
You can also pay the membership fee by MobilePay to number 62973.

You will get reduced prices from various board game retailers in Finland by showing your membership card. It will also give you reduced entry fee in the society events.

Information to board game publishers

Finnish Board Game Society is the premier contact point to get involved with board gaming scene in Finland, get in touch with active Finnish players and also promote your games to the local market. You can send us demo copies of your games and our experts will demo them in national conventions and though our game library also in game clubs around the country. We are also interested in helping you with any campaigns, special events etc. in Finnish market.

Contact us by e-mail (info (at) for more information.

A bit of history

Finnish Board Game Society was originally founded in 1999 as Finnish Diplomacy Association, led for several years by Vesa Virri. We organised FinDipCon event each year and published a quarterly Diplomacy newsletter called Stab!. Our focus slowly shifted from Diplomacy to boardgames in general (the Finnish Diplomacy hobby just isn’t that big) and after some confusion and inactivity the change from a Diplomacy club to a general board game society was finally made in 2004. With that change came new activists, new drive and new things started to happen in Finnish board game scene.